Concrete Lifting Service

Our Process

How does concrete leveling work?

Concrete leveling services using polyurethane foam are designed to raise and level sunken or uneven concrete slabs, resulting in safe and even walking and driving surfaces. The process involves injecting expanding polyurethane foam beneath the affected areas, which fills voids and gaps and provides a strong and stable support system.

It really is as easy as 1…2…3

Step 1:  First we drill a 5/8th inch hole in your concrete

Step 2:  Then we will use the hole we created to pump foam beneath the concrete slab

Step 3:  When the foam has expanded and lifted your slab, we then patch the tiny holes in your concrete using the drilled concrete dust so you won’t be able to tell we were there

By restoring the integrity and functionality of the concrete, this cost-effective and efficient method ensures long-lasting results and minimizes the risk of tripping hazards or structural damage. The foam’s expansive properties allow it to reach even hard-to-reach areas, providing comprehensive stabilization throughout the concrete structure. With its lightweight nature, polyurethane foam alleviates the additional load on the soil beneath the concrete while delivering exceptional durability and resistance to water and chemicals. Our foam is a reliable solution for enhancing the safety, usability, and longevity of your concrete surfaces.

Key Concepts

User Testimonial

Kate Jenkins

“PolyPro came out and transformed my uneven driveway into a smooth and safe surface, eliminating the major bump up from the driveway into my garage. Fantastic results and excellent customer service!”

Key points

User Testimonial

Jessica Simon

This company’s polyurethane foam lifted my sunken concrete for a fraction of the cost of replacement, and their exceptional customer service made the process easy and stress-free.

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