Why polyjacking?

Crafted from recycled materials within the United States, the polyurethane incorporated into our solutions boasts a remarkable longevity. Its inherent water resistance, shape-retaining attributes, and resistance to deterioration distinguish it from competitive materials prone to degradation. As the preferred choice for concrete repair, polyurethane stands as the optimal option for residential, commercial, and municipal projects. 


Hole size is another area where polyjacking is better than mudjacking. With mudjacking, the holes drilled in your concrete are 1 1/4 inch holes that make for obvious eyesores in your driveway and patios. With polyjacking the hole size can range from 3/8 to 5/8 of an inch making the holes almost invisible. This is the primary reason most people chose to go with polyjacking. 


Another advantage to using polyurethane is that it is lightweight and does not over burden soil that is already failing and sinking. Mudjacking adds significant weight to the concrete pad since the mud is made from a sand/concrete mixture. 

Does the polyurethane foam degrade over time?

No! In fact, our polyurethane foam will NEVER loose its shape or degrade. The formula we use is a special formula built specifically for concrete leveling and reacts completely underground leaving no excess chemicals to leach into the ground. This complete reaction is guaranteed due to the equipment (nozzle) we use. 

Is the polyurethane foam harmful for the environment?

Absolutely not! The foam we use is completely inert meaning that it is incapable of reacting with any soil. It will never release any chemicals into the soil or ground water even after many decades. Our unique polyurethane foam is designed to be a permanent solution.

How soon can I use my concrete after having it leveled?

You can drive on your newly leveled concrete pads 15 minutes after they have been lifted. Our foam is built to fully cure within minutes and is fully usable almost right away. 

Can my concrete be leveled if it was mudjacked before?

Yes! Our polyurethane foam can lift any slab regardless of whether or not it has been mudjacked before.

How much does it cost?

Polyjacking costs less than half of the cost of replacement! Flatwork in the form of asphalt and new concrete often costs many thousands of dollars and the process typically takes many days. With polyjacking you can save thousands and use your driveway or patio right away. Who wouldn’t want to save time and money?

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