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Our Vision

Our vision at PolyPro Concrete Leveling is to become the leading provider of concrete leveling services in the industry. We aim to revolutionize the way concrete is repaired by using innovative technology and processes that are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the safety and longevity of concrete structures, while delivering exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

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Team Story

PolyPro Concrete Leveling was founded by a small team of experienced construction professionals who saw a need for a more cost-effective and efficient solution to raise sunken concrete. They spent months researching and testing various methods before settling on polyurethane foam as the best option. The team is dedicated to providing high-quality service and making sure every customer is completely satisfied with the results. 



Austin started his career in automotive engineering with Ford Motor Company. While he worked as an engineer during the day, Austin worked every night to renovate his own home learning all kinds of trades along the way. Upon completing the renovation, he realized that his passion was no longer in engineering, it was in the service industry. He loves working with his hands and problem solving on the job. Concrete leveling became of interest as he had always dreamed of starting his own business – a dream that finally became a reality. Austin has a passion for connecting with people and has an incredible eye for detail. Keep an eye out for him as he comes to estimate or to complete your concrete leveling projects!

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